Strong take-up of affordable homes for locals in Duloe

We’re happy to report that after a successful marketing campaign 4 local families have already signed up to buy 4 of our 10 shared ownership (affordable mortgage) homes being built at Duloe.

Our energies now move on to advertising the rental properties on the site at Jubilee Close in the heart of the village, which will be available from early January.

Eighteen houses are being built near the heart of the village in a development led by Cornwall Community Land Trust partnered with Aster Homes, and will be completed by February 2019.

We’re urging more families with a connection to the area to come forward now if they’re interested in one of the 8 rental homes on the site.

Our Development Assistant Jennifer Hawkins says it’s important for potential tenants to act now.

She says “First, people need to be on the Home Choice register. We can advise on this. Then they need to make their bid for a home when the advertisement goes live.

I want to impress upon people that these homes are truly affordable and will only be allocated to local people.

They’ve been built using the CCLT’s unique development model. So Depending on the circumstances of the resident the rent will either be 80% of the local market rent or capped so that it is never more than the local housing allowance. And it will stay that way forever.”