Housing Needs Survey

Landewednack Housing Working Party came together in 2022 to help local people in housing need in The Lizard Village area. The Housing Working Party includes representatives from the Landewednack Parish Council and local community.

We would like to gauge the local need and gather views. This will help us in the planning and shaping of a project to meet that need.

A report of the survey will be produced and copies will be provided to the Housing Working Party, Landewednack Parish Council and to Cornwall Council’s Affordable Housing Team.

The Housing Working Party will continue to consult on how it proposes to address that housing need.

We encourage each person/household in housing need to complete a survey – preferably online (click the button below or scan the QR code). Additional paper surveys are available from

Please complete by Monday 27th March 2023

We welcome opinions as well as expressions of need. So, we’d be pleased to hear from all local residents, and indeed former residents with a longstanding link to the Parish.

If you would be interested in supporting the work of or joining the Landewednack Housing Working Party we would be pleased to hear from you.

Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

Landewednack Housing Working Party



A community-led project to provide 9 all-affordable homes for local people; Land NW of Treskerby Farm, Treskerby, Redruth.

Planning application - PA22/11187

Cornwall CLT is pleased to announce that we have submitted a planning application for 9 new affordable homes for locals in the Treskerby area.

Cornwall CLT has been working closely with a local Housing Working Party for the last 23 months. The Working Party includes representatives from Redruth Town Council, Redruth Neighbourhood Development Plan, Cornwall CLT and Local Cornwall Council Ward members Cllr Connor Donnithorne and Cllr Barbara Ellenbroek who all share an enthusiasm to help meet the local housing need by providing affordable homes in perpetuity for local people.

The Working Party identified a potential Policy 9 site in Treskerby which was offered by a local landowning family who were prepared to make an offer of selling part of their site near Treskerby Farm to help provide affordable homes for the local community. The site is located on the outer edge of Redruth in the area known as Treskerby, South East of Trelawney Avenue, and opposite a ribbon of residential development

Policy 9 - the "rural exceptions" policy - provides an opportunity for applicants to (as an "exception") be granted planning permission on sites which would normally be refused, providing that the purpose is to provide in perpetuity, all affordable homes which meet a demonstrable local need; and is on a site adjoining the community.

Cornwall Community Land Trust

Cornwall Community Land Trust is a locally-based charity with an outstanding national reputation as one the most successful Community Land Trusts (CLT) in the country. It has delivered nearly 300 affordable homes on 27 projects across Cornwall and on Scilly. It works to deliver projects through local communities; either helping to establish local CLTs and providing the professional support to enable them to deliver affordable homes, or by setting up a HWP and taking the risk on behalf of the community and delivering the homes itself and/or with its charitable development partners.

Like its previous projects, CCL T's most recent projects have all been all-affordable homes schemes - 16 homes (11 affordable rent and 5 shared ownership - in partnership with Coastline Housing) in Rame, Wendron, all for those in need within that parish; 18 homes (10 shared ownership and 8 affordable rent - in partnership with housing charity Aster) in Duloe (on land leased from the Duchy of Cornwall); and 6 affordable rent homes at Ruan Minor (delivered and managed by CCLT - through a project planned and designed by a local parish CLT).

Construction standards

The Treskerby project is one of CCLT's latest pipeline of planned projects. It is the result of working with and supporting local communities to help address housing need in the context of the still worsening "housing emergency". It is an all-affordable project. In addition, CCLT has a proud record of high-quality construction standards, good space standards, good external space and parking standards in its planned neighbourhoods, high energy efficiency standards, use of renewable energy systems, biodiversity mitigation and enhancements (e.g. hedgehog highways, bat bricks, bee bricks, bird boxes, swift boxes etc) incorporated in to the fabric of the built environment and has a strong attention to detail.