Low cost – high quality homes

Low cost homes needn’t mean low quality homes. That has been the consistent mantra of Cornwall CLT and it is now the principle reflected in our detailed description of construction standards – Our Charter.  

Our Charter lists 20 planning and building requirements above and beyond UK basic building standards which will apply to all homes we build in the future. And a further 26 aspirations and ambitions which Cornish community groups and Parish Councils will be offered to work towards if opportunities and funds allow.

These include decent space standards, energy efficiency, space and design for easy management and storage of waste and recycling and bee bricks, bird and bat boxes as standard.

Based around energy-efficiency, environmental and ecological principles the Charter confirms that CCLT Board will continue to challenge itself to set high standards for the provision of quality affordable housing that local people can afford.

Our Director, Andrew George says: “The homes we build are assets which will stay in the ownership of the local community forever. We don’t walk away from our projects after they’re built. So, we want to ensure our developments enhance and do not diminish the local area.

 “An energy efficient home is more affordable to run. That is why our Charter includes the community option of incorporating energy generation in the project, such as ground source heat pumps and solar panels.

“We (CCLT) build homes in rural areas, where there is established housing need, so for us it’s especially important our developments respect the sensitivity of the natural environment. That’s another reason why our Board places such importance on wildlife mitigation.”

Our new Charter poster – Download PDF