Becoming a Community-Led Housing Hub?

Though Cornwall CLT is national leader in Community Land Trust home delivery we don’t claim to have the specialist skills to support groups who wish to use any of the other Community-led housing models eg. co-housing, cooperative housing etc.

So, we’re taking measures to expand our role and to offer a fuller range of support services by applying to become a Community-led Housing Hub.

The creation of a Cornwall Hub would mean Cornwall CCLT could commission external expert advice and support to local groups and provide a central point for communication with community groups about the full range of community-led housing initiatives. It would also enable us to share good practice and successful methodologies not just in Cornwall and the Scillies but further afield.

We are of course already fulfilling this role to a large extent. But as a HUB the additional support and expertise we’d be able to commission, with funding from a Community Led Housing Grant, would build on these services and improve the range of specialist professional support to local groups.

Amongst the services we’d be able to additionally offer will be access to commissioned technical advisors on co-housing, co-op housing, self-help housing, support for community investment options and the provision of training and information events to expand the capacity of the community-led housing fraternity in Cornwall and Scilly.

We hope to be able to make a further announcement in early December.