Affordable homes for locals

Affordable homes for locals, Communities can do it for themselves, Ruan Minor shows the way.

Cornwall’s premier community-led charitable housing trust – Cornwall Community Land Trust – praised the community of Ruan Minor this week as they lead Cornwall’s communities into a new era of projects which provide genuine affordable homes for locals forever.

Six affordable homes for local families to rent are now under construction and will become available next spring. Spearheaded by Grade Ruan Community Land Trust (GRCLT) this is the first of a fresh wave of at least 14 local projects across Cornwall in the next few years led by or with the assistance of Cornwall Community Land Trust (CCLT); and which will deliver nearly 200 affordable homes for locals.

The Ruan Minor project is delivered with the support and partnership of Cornwall Council and Homes England.

Andrew George, the Chief Executive of CCLT will say, “This project is a triumph for the community of Ruan Minor. Grade-Ruan CLT has overcome many obstacles to get this challenging project to this important point. And we are proud to have supported them throughout their journey. This will provide 6 local families with much needed, secure and genuinely affordable rented accommodation which is protected by the CLTs for local benefit in perpetuity.

“Of course, the project would not have succeeded in getting to this point without additional funds. So both Grade Ruan and Cornwall CLTs are appreciative of the support and funding received from Cornwall Council and from Homes England.

Cornwall CLT has shown that communities CAN do it themselves. Delivering over 250 homes across 26 projects over the last decade. Cornwall gets tens of thousands  of unaffordable homes. It’s tough trying to deliver decent, secure and genuinely affordable homes. But we’ve shown that it can be done. We have many projects across Cornwall which will deliver up to 200 more, including in partnership in communities like Nancledra, St Ives and Lanivet.”

The new homes have been developed and designed with local interests in mind. Community consultations events carried out before the pandemic were essential in shaping the look, size and affordability of the new homes. John Trewin from the Grade-Ruan Parish Council said about new homes “This is fantastic to see work starting at last, not only for this project but more so for future projects, an incredibly important moment in time for the future of Grade-Ruan parish.  Well done to you all”.

CCLT is making sure all construction work will be carried out in full compliance with official guidance on safe working. Social distancing requirements is being complied with at all times on site.