Career achievement award – Alan Fox

Our own Alan Fox was awarded an exceptional and richly deserved “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the National Community Land Trust Annual Meeting recently.

Alan is well known and admired throughout the CLT community for his professionalism and ability to deliver complex projects for communities in need, and in spite of some of the most difficult challenges. He was of course founding Director and Company Secretary of Cornwall Community Land Trust and we have happily managed to prevent him from fully retiring!

Andrew George, CCLT’s Chief Exec said, “Everyone who knows his work across the CLT movement since 2006 appreciates what he’s done and achieved. CCLT could not have been the great success it has been without his professional skills and determination.

“We’ve managed to not to lose his valued input through cunning use of the “just one more thing before you go” begging technique! He remains an adviser to our Board. Thank you Alan. A richly deserved award.”

Furthermore, Morag Robertson and Jill Block from St Ives CLT were recognised for their community work too. St Ives CLT has been working for 5 years to secure the resources to deliver 6 desperately needed affordable flats for locals in the centre of St Ives. Well deserved award for Jill and Morag. Well done!

Jill Block (left) and Morag Robertson (right)

Jill Block (left) and Morag Robertson (right)