All change at the top

CCLT’s Board and staff wish Mervyn Thomas (Chair) a fond farewell and with enormous appreciation for his careful stewardship and wise counsel during his three years as Chair of CCLT. Mervyn of course remains an active member/shareholder of the charity.

Mervyn has been replaced by Dominic Fairman (previous Vice-Chair) who was elected to take on the role by fellow Board members. He will chair his first full Board Meeting later in March. Dominic has been a member of the Board since 2017, having been a strong advocate for affordable homes and for the work of CLTs. Dominic is a Bodmin Moor Farmer and also Cornwall Councillor.


Elected to Vice Chair is Carolyn Rule, who was very active in supporting the Ruan Minor CLT project, especially when she was Cornwall Councillor for the ward up to 2021. Carolyn has decades of experience in local government, having served on Kerrier District Council (including as Chairman), Cornwall Council (including as portfolio holder) and on Mullion Parish Council. Her late husband was a local builder, so she knows the trade well too.


We also welcomed 3 new shareholders, giving a current total of 88.